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We all have small spaces in our homes that are underutilised, but a lot can be done with them if you're a little bit creative.


We teamed up with IKEA to inspire people to look twice at the space they have, creating a 'choose your own adventure' Instagram experience where users could click one of the tags to see a boring space transform into something magical.


Followers could then purchase the products featured.


Creatives: Christina Worman, Chloe Bishop

Creative Director: James Leigh, Photographer: Daniel Morgan


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Somewhere to relax / Somewhere to entertain


a place to relax.png

Somewhere to jam / Somewhere to play


somewhere to jam.png

Fill it with green / Fill it with gold


fill it with green.png

A swipe up, shoppable experience allowed followers to

purchase all IKEA products featured.


Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 23.16.05.png

Box Room To Best Room

We also ran some influencer content alongside the campaign, teaming up with YouTube stars and transforming their neglected box room into a place where they can do more of what they love.



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